Whether you want to heat your entire home, or just a single room, heat pumps are the go-to heating and air conditioning solution Kiwis choose to ensure their homes remain comfortable all year round.

Buy why are they so popular in New Zealand?

Here are 7 reasons why Kiwis prefer heat pumps to other heating and cooling solutions in New Zealand.

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1. Heat Pumps Are Energy Efficient

According to EECA Energywise, heat pumps are the most efficient way of using electricity to heat and cool your New Zealand home.

Wood and pellet burners may sound romantic, but nothing kills the mood more than a cold house. Wood and pellet burners are typically the most inefficient ways to keep warm as the majority of the heat rises up through the chimney. Other things to consider are maintenance, cleaning, and the time it takes to collect the wood and pellets.

Electric heaters may seem like the cheapest way to heat your home but the relatively low cost of buying the heater is quickly out-paced by high running costs and poor performance when trying to heat a larger space.

Gas heaters are also a very popular heating solution that can be found in homes throughout New Zealand. However, even compared to natural gas heaters that are connected to the gas mains, heat pumps are more cost-effective.

Compared to traditional forms of heating heat pumps are the smart choice.

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2. Heat Pumps for Higher Comfort Control

Another reason why more and more Kiwis choose heat pumps to warm their homes is because a heat pump helps to maintain a comfortable temperature at the touch of a button.
Unlike other forms of heating, a heat pump can quickly reach a precise temperature that you find most comfortable. Once this temperature is reached, it can maintain the heat until you are ready to turn it off or adjust it — all from the comfort of your couch.

3. Heat Pumps for Convenience

As we have just touched on the above point, heat pumps are the most convenient way to heat or cool your home. From the comfort of your favourite chair, your pump can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

No chopping up firewood, hauling heaving bags of wood pellets from the hardware store, or topping up the LPG gas bottle from the petrol station.

Some heat pumps can be controlled through Wi-Fi which means you will never have to come home to a cold home, you can literally turn the heat pump on from anywhere with an internet connection. All units feature a 24- or 7-day timer which means you can adjust and set this to suit your lifestyle.

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4. Heat Pumps Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

An additional benefit that makes heat pumps the best choice for heating and cooling your New Zealand home is that they can improve the quality of the air inside your house. They are able to deodorise and filter the air you breathe to eliminate any airborne allergens.

This is one of the biggest benefits heat pumps have over other forms of heating (like gas heating), especially in regard to asthma sufferers or those with allergies.

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5. Heat Pumps Can Cool Your Home

Perhaps the biggest advantage heat pumps have over traditional heating systems is that they can also cool your home during those long hot summer days!

Whether you need a heat pump to heat the house in winter, or cool the house in summer, a heat pump can do both — efficiently.

Fun Fact: New Zealand is the only country in the world that says “heat pump” instead of air-conditioner.

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6. Heat Pumps Are Stylish & Modern

First and foremost, a heat pump is designed to efficiently heat or cool your home. However, part of creating a comfortable home environment is also through stylish and modern designs and maintaining discreet operational levels.

Heat pumps are available as floor units, wall-mounted devices or as ceiling units in a range of modern designs — so you can be sure to find the perfect heating solution without having to compromise on style.

7. Heat Pumps for Environmental Sustainability

Heat pumps are the environmentally sustainable choice for an effective and efficient heating solution. Running solely off a small amount of electricity, heat pumps, unlike traditional heating systems, do not produce any extra emissions.

No fumes. No coal.

The clean, green answer to heating your home in the winter, and cooling your it in the summer.

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