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There are some really important things to consider when looking for the right provider of a heat pump in your Tauranga home. To help you in your search for warmth, we’d thought we’d go through a few of them. And please don’t hesitate to send us a message about how we can help you.

How to find the right single-room heat pump for your home

One important thing to consider is that heat pumps are as individual as the homes they’re meant for. What you need therefore is versatility from your heat pump provider. At HVAC-I we know all about fitting heat pumps into spaces of different size.

And if you’re not certain which heat pump is right for your home, all you need to do is answer some really simple questions from HVAC-I to help you find out.

The range of single-room heat pumps include:

High-wall mount: This is a popular choice and the one that most people associate with heat pumps.

Floor consoles: These consoles as a single-room heat pump are ideal for homes without the wall space for a high-wall installation. They’re nice and slim, and discreet too.

Cassette/ceiling mount: If a high-wall mount, or floor console heat pump, are not right for your home, then it’s not the end of the world. You have the option of a cassette/ceiling mount. And other than being ideal for small spaces, ceiling-mounted heat pumps can provide air flow in not just one direction, but up to four.

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Want the best deals for heat pumps in Tauranga?

Everyone likes a good deal – and getting the best deal on a heat pump should be no different.

At HVAC-I, we have some great heat pump specials for you to check out, including heat pumps by Fujitsu.

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Your next move if you want a great heat pump in your Tauranga home

We really don’t like the thought of people feeling cold in their homes. They should be warm, which is why we’re passionate about providing great heat pumps in Tauranga homes.

If you’d like your home to feel warm as it should, give us a call on 07 281 0264 or get a quote from HVAC-I. We look forward to hearing from you, and we look forward to helping you in your search for the best heat pump for your home.