Mitsubishi Electric

Quietly superior heat pumps

From New Zealand’s bestselling heat pump the G Series to New Zealand’s best low temperature heating performer the Hypercore Series – Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps keep you cool in the summer and warm throughout the winter.

Their superior comfort and whisper quiet energy efficiency are seamlessly fused in a range of elegant heat pumps that allow you to truly reflect your design personality. Whether you would like to blend in or stand out, we have a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump to suit your individual style and comfort without compromising on aesthetics or performance.

With energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for one room, multiple rooms or whole home central heating, Mitsubishi Electric has the ideal heat pump solution for year round comfort.

Our range of Mitsubishi heat pumps

Deluxe Series Heat Pump

The Deluxe Heat Pump Series truly is the flagship amongst heat pumps. Advanced features provide the ultimate in unparalleled comfort and energy efficiency.

Advanced air filtration traps harmful particles such as dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants for improved air quality; so you can always breathe easy.

It’s unique 3D i-See Sensor will continuously analyse the temperature profile of your room; detecting exactly where occupants are located and directing the perfect amount of cooling and heating.



EcoCore Series Heat Pump

The EcoCore® High Wall Heat Pump Range sets a new standard in super energy efficient heating. Next generation EcoCore® Technology is designed to use less power than ever before. Unrivalled for quietness, they are ideal where it matters most – in living rooms and bedrooms.

Classic GE Series Heat Pump

The GE Series is Mitsubishi Electric’s best-selling high wall heat pump range ever!

This is a testament to exceptional product quality, reliability and superior heating performance. Unrivalled for quietness, they are ideal where it matters most – in living rooms and bedrooms.



Designer Series Heat Pump

The Designer Series High Wall Heat Pumps combine exceptional energy efficiency with award winning design. Available in a choice of colours including Rich Black Diamond, Matte Silver or Glossy White – now you can perfectly reflect your interior design style.

Rapid Heat Floor Console Heat Pump

The only slim-line floor console in NZ offering patented RapidHeat Technology, the Floor Consoles Heat Pumps are perfect solution for unobtrusive heating at floor level. Specifically designed to provide unparalleled low temperature heating performance in the shortest amount of time, this compact console is ideal for the replacement of traditional floor mounted appliances such as night-store heaters or fireplaces.



Hypercore® Heat Pumps

New Zealand’s best low temperature performance heat pump, guaranteed.

Fact – Mitsubishi Electric’s HyperCore® is still the only heat pump in New Zealand guaranteed to produce its fully rated heating capacity right down to -15°C. With the best low temperature performance, HyperCore® Heat Pumps ensure your room heats up fast and stays warm when you need it most.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Wi-fi Control

Award-winning, innovative Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control opens the door to superior customisation and smart control, a first for high wall and floo console heat pumps in New Zealand. Developed by New Zealanders for New Zealanders, Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control gives you the freedom to tailor your heat pump system to suit your lifestyle where ever you are.



Multi Room Heat Pump System

While a standard heat pump system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, a multi room heat pump system allows you to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. With a multi room heat pump system you have the freedom to choose the ideal unit for each area to keep you comfortable, without cluttering the exterior of your home.

Central Heating Ducted Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Central Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Systems are whisper quiet, and with only its grilles visible, it is the perfect unobtrusive solution for heating or cooling multiple rooms at the same time.

The addition of optional Wi-Fi Zone Control will enable your Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Central Heat Pump System to program and control either up to 4 or up to 8 individual zones, providing heating or cooling only to the rooms that require it. Built in sensor functions monitor room temperature, brightness and occupancy to maximise energy efficient use of the whole system throughout the home or just those rooms where it is needed.


Not sure which heat is right for you?

We can help you discover the best multi room heat pump option for your home.