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Multi-room heat pumps

Keep your rooms free for living Great space savers, multi room heat pumps allow you to have individual temperature control throughout more than one room, without multiple outdoor units taking up valuable space. This type of unit can be operated independently, allowing you more control. Multi-room heat pumps are a popular option for people who want a more discreet look than several outdoor units and piping. Customers love how unobtrusive these are. We know every room has its own unique layout, and choosing a heat pump that will work in every room in your house can be a head scratcher. With multi-indoor units, you don’t have to choose just one type of air-conditioner. You can mix and match different types to f it the individual shape and size of each room. High-wall mounted units can be combined with ceiling cassettes, floor consoles and ducted systems – the combinations are endless.

Our range of multi-room heat pumps

Heat Pumps
High-wall mount


This is probably the type of installation most of us associate with heat pumps. They’re a popular choice for multiple rooms, being a versatile and economical option.

Many people prefer the “out of the way” feel of a wall-mounted unit. These can even be recessed into the wall for a more slimline appearance.

Heat Pumps
Floor consoles


Looking for something a bit more inconspicuous? Floor consoles are a great option for you.

They’re also ideal for homes without the wall space for a high-wall installation, and can be fitted for different room types, whether it be lounge, bedrooms or kitchen.

Heat Pumps
Ceiling mount


What if you’re out of floor and wall space? Does that mean ruling out a heat pump?

Not at all. When in doubt, go up.

That’s right: Multi-room cassette or ceiling heat pumps are mounted to the ceiling, ideal for small spaces. This type of heat pump is connected to the room through the roof space above the ceiling.

Ceiling-mounted heat pumps can provide air flow in one or up to four directions, depending on your climate control needs.

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