Keeping the temperature of your Tauranga home just as you want it to be often starts by searching for the best heat pump deals. You want to get a great deal that is not only kind for your bank balance but is also kind for your home. And by kind, that means feeling warm and cosy in winter, and nice and cool in summer. Which is where heat pump specialists HVAC-I can help you.

Turn to HVAC-I for the very best heat pump specials for your Tauranga home. Our friendly heat pump experts are ready to help you with all your heat pump questions. Call us on 07 281 1418 or send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

One critical part of choosing a heat pump for your home is having confidence in the people installing it. At HVAC-I we’re all about providing exceptional customer service for every client. Your home should be a comfortable place, which is why we ensure our heat pump and air conditioning service is unrivalled in Tauranga and beyond. Our exceptional service applies for everything that HVAC-I do, from the first point of contact, to when we help you with our great value for money heat pump deals.

Find the right heat pump for your home with HVAC-I

You might be after a single room heat pump, or perhaps multi room heat pumps, or a ducted heat pump system. A great starting point is to fill in the Find the Right Heat Pump for You section on the HVAC-I website. We’ll then get back to you and help you take another step towards a heat pump system that’s just right for your needs. In the meantime, here’s a quick guide to some of the heat pump options from HVAC-I.

Single Room Heat Pumps: An energy efficient way to heat one area of your house and a great option if you already have heating in other parts of your home.

Multi Room Heat Pumps: With this option, you can have individual temperature control in more than one room, and not have multiple outdoor units taking up lots of space.

Ducted Heat Pump System: This customised option is adored by our clients as a ducted heat pump system is concealed and can be installed with zone control. This means you have control over airflow to each area of your home.

How to get in touch with heat pump specialists HVAC-I

Every step of finding a great heat pump solution for your Tauranga home should be made an easy one for you. Whether you’re searching for awesome heat pump specials or another of the heat pump options from HVAC-I, we’re here to help you.

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