Are you wondering where to start in finding the ideal heat pump for your Tauranga home? Not sure if heat pumps from Mitsubishi or Fujitsu are the best option? Don’t worry if you’re uncertain, as heat pump professionals HVAC-I are here to help you. We’re dedicated to great customer service – and we know everything there is to know about heat pumps.

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Before we explain more about why Mitsubishi and Fujitsu heat pumps are great, we thought we’d tell you a little about HVAC-I. We not only keep homes in Tauranga warm, but also homes in Hamilton too. Our reputation is one of outstanding customer service, knowledge and the perfect installation of heat pumps, from single room heat pumps to multi room heat pumps, to ducted heat pumps. Sound good to you? Great. Now let’s get back to why you’re here: to check out the Mitsubishi heat pumps and the Fujitsu heat pumps available in Tauranga and beyond from HVAC-I.

Mitsubishi heat pumps in Tauranga – the range to suit every need

You want to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Goes without saying, right? Mitsubishi heat pumps have a super quiet energy efficiency about them no matter the time of year. From the Black Diamond Range of Heat Pumps, to the EcoCore GL Series super energy efficient high wall heat pumps, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Mitsubishi heat pump options from HVAC-I. Here’s a quick guide to a few of your options.

Black Diamond High Wall Heat Pumps

This range has advanced features that include dual barrier coating to maximise energy efficiency and a 3D i-See Sensor, designed for customised comfort. Get in touch with the HVAC-I team today to find out more.

EcoCore Series Heat Pump

One of the great reasons for having an EcoCore High Wall Heat Pump installed by HVAC-I in your home is the energy efficiency factor. The next generation EcoCore Technology uses less power than ever before – and is super quiet.

HyperCore Heat Pumps

If you’re after the best low temperature performance heat pump, then you need a Mitsubishi HyperCore heat pump. This heat pump will produce its fully rated heating capacity down to as low as -15 degrees C. Amazing, eh?

We encourage you to check out the full range of Mitsubishi heat pumps from HVAC-I.

And remember, you can get a FREE no obligation quote too from HVAC-I.

Fujitsu heat pumps in Tauranga – a range for every home

If you’d like to chat to HVAC-I about the benefits of choosing from the Fujitsu range of heat pumps, you only have to send us a message and we’ll get right back to you. Before you do, here’s just a little introduction into some of the brilliant Fujitsu heat pumps that HVAC-I install in Tauranga homes.

The e3Series Breakthrough

Outstanding efficiency in both heating and cooling is offered in this next generation of heat pumps. Among the benefits are an automatic power diffuser to maximise the efficiency of your heat pump.

Multi-room heat pump systems

Instead of a home ducted system, the multi-room system offers an economic alternative. That means you can enjoy heating and cooling in many rooms from just one outdoor unit.

Ducted Central Heating and Cooling

Ducted systems heat or cool your entire home – using just one system. This system uses just one indoor unit that is often discreetly hidden. This means that all you see are the stylish vents and the smart wall controller panel. Find out more today about having a ducted system put in your home by asking the heat pump experts at HVAC-I for help.

Want a brilliant heat pump system in your home? You need to do this:

We’re here at HVAC-I to help answer any questions you have about installing a heat pump system in your home. Whether you want to select from the range of Mitsubishi heat pumps, or Fujitsu heat pumps, we’re the specialists you need.

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