The same conversation about heat pumps happens every winter in homes across the country, from Tauranga to Hamilton and beyond.

“It’s too cold. We should get a heat pump.”

“Definitely. I’m so over freezing inside. There’s no way I’m going through next winter without a heat pump.”

Winter soon comes around again though. And the same conversation is had yet again.

Act now and get the best heat pump service in Tauranga and NZ from the experts at HVAC-I! Contact HVACI-I today on 07 281 0264 or get in touch by sending us a message.

Getting a great heat pump is an investment in your home, as well as your future comfort. It’s critical though that you use heat pump experts, which is where heat pump specialists HVAC-I come in. HVAC-I are the leaders in meeting your heat pump requirements. We’d love to give you a heat pump quote – and we’d love it if you read on so we can say a little more about the unique HVAC-I experience.

Heat pump options for every home & great HVAC-I service

You can be confident that no space in your home will be too complicated for the HVAC-I heat pump professionals. That’s part and parcel of ensuring our customers get the best heat pump experience in New Zealand. Our single-room heat pumps are great for keeping a room such as a bedroom at the temperature you want. And what’s more, at HVAC-I we have a great range too. The high-wall mount is a popular choice in that they’re versatile and economical, whilst floor consoles are ideal for homes without the wall space for a high-wall installation. And if you’ve run out of floor and wall space, there is the option of a cassette/ceiling mount. What’s also great about this type of heat pump is that they are connected to the room through the roof space above the ceiling, leaving only a discrete faceplate flush to your ceiling. Compact Ceiling Cassette heat pumps can also provide air flow up to four directions.

Find the perfect single room heat pump for your home by getting a free quote from HVAC-I today. You can call us on 07 281 0264 or get in touch by sending us a message.

Need a ducted heat pump? Multi room heat pump? HVAC-I can help

One of the brilliant things about ducted heat pump systems from HVAC-I is that they can be installed with zone control. It sounds complicated, but we make it very easy and user friendly for you. It means you’re able to turn the airflow to different rooms on and off as needed. How brilliant is that?

If you’re keen on multi room heat pumps from HVAC-I, you’ll be delighted with how unobtrusive these are. They allow you to have individual temperature control throughout more than one room – without space being taken up by multiple outdoor units.

Prepare for next winter now – by getting a heat pump quote from HVAC-I

Remember how much you wished you had a quality heat pump system in your home during the winter? Then get a free quote today from HVAC-I, the heat pump specialists in Tauranga.

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